Who Do You Think You Are Message Series

Who Do You Think You Are?Who Do You Think You Are?

Message Series beginning March 3rd, 2013

When Christians forget “who they are and whose they are” they open the door to doubt, insecurity, and backsliding.

But, the book of Ephesians reminds us that God sees believers as saints in Christ Jesus. When you find your true identity in Christ, you find peace, blessings, and assurance.

At the opening of the video (below) you read several phrases:

In Christ,  of Christ, for Christ, in Him, in the Beloved, through Christ, and so on.  These statement can all be found in the book of Ephesians.  Just go through the letter to the Ephesians and underline every time that Paul says something like, “in Christ.”  I count around 31 times in just the first four chapters.  Actually, Paul uses the identifier “in Christ” 216 times in his thirteen New Testament letters.

Paul is really afraid that we will forget “Whose we are!”  Perhaps, he is also warning us that the Enemy of those in Christ is determined to strip us of our position in Christ.

Please read through the letter often over the next month and find your identity in Christ.

Steve Miller - March 3, 2013

Who You Are and Whose You Are (Mar. 3)

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