Troubling Matters Can Turn Your Head

Today’s devotional in Piper’s Good news of Great Joy speaks of Herod’s opposition to the possibility that Messiah was born.  The word troubled stood out to me in the scripture:

Matthew 2:3 (NASB) When Herod the king heard this, he was troubled, and all Jerusalem with him.

The word, trouble, means to agitate, to stir up, to render anxious or distressed.  While there are numerous uses of the word, and even Jesus, Himself, was troubled, I immediately think of the scripture where people waited for the pool of Bethesda to get stirred up.  They claimed that an angel troubled the water.  The real pity of the story is that all of the crippled and diseased, hoping to be the first in the water when it got troubled, missed the fact that Jesus was right there in their midst.  I imagine the crowd looking forward at the waters and Jesus watching behind them unnoticed.

Perhaps we need to take our troubled hearts as a warning sign that what we’re seeing may not be all there is to the situation.  There may be something scary right in front of us, and yet God is here, perhaps right behind us, waiting to see if we will turn to Him for peace.

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2 comments on “Troubling Matters Can Turn Your Head
  1. Olivia Hann says:

    Yes, it is pathetic that after all of this time being a believer, I still sometimes forget to turn to Him. Instead, I get mired down in my situation thinking I need to fix things when all I really need to do is ask and trust in Him to handle things.

  2. BEverly Timmons says:

    Thank you for this message Steve! Jim and I are really enjoying the daily Advent devotions. They are so helpful in focusing daily on the gift of the presence of the Lord for all of us.

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