Three Directions for Activated Lives of Faith

ActivateSunday was the final day of the Activate Series…three messages that help a Christian amp up their life of faith.  All put together, this series outlines three foundational parts to a Christians’ walk…worship, small group discipleship, and authentic lives lived for others.  At Team Church, we offer inspiring worship on Sundays, Home Teams during the week, and opportunities to reach and impact our community.


  • First there was “UP,” a message about activating our faith in terms of our worship.  I told the story of the major change of perception I received from the time I ascended the mountainside waterfall, to the moment I approached the ledge to leap into the water below.  The point that I made was that everything would suddenly change if and when we see God as He truly is.  And just like Isaiah immediately worshipped God when He glimpsed just the hem of God’s robe filling the Temple, our lives of worship would be instantly activated if God showed up in our lives.


  • The second message talked about activating “IN.”  This was a challenge for us to stop living isolated lives and lean in on a small group of growing disciples.  I truly believe that we aren’t the Christians God designed us to be if we aren’t engaged with church… and by church I mean a close group of believers.  I told the story of how a close-knit group of believers that met in homes saved my life over the last few years.  In addition to activating a life of upward inspiration with others on Sundays, we too must activate inward with others.  At Team Church we have Home Teams that will begin in just a few weeks.


  • And Sunday’s message finished off the series by suggesting that when we re-focus our lives both UP and IN that the transformation on the inside should ultimately be expressed OUT.  Children “act out” sometimes and we think it’s not appropriate, but on the other hand, it’s the most natural thing for a person to act out or behave according to his or her nature.  A kid’s got to move and be energetic because that is what’s on the inside…a rambunctious, growing, curious, can’t-be-quiet being.  If that’s true, then why don’t we see more Christians acting out what’s on their inside…a powerful, transformed, loving, serving, giving and sharing spiritual being that looks more and more like the image of Christ?  In specific, I asked everyone to help out others as one way to act out their activated faith.
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