The Reason I Share with my Friends

Today, Jackson and Maya and I began doing morning Bible study. Rather than using a devotional or study book, I intend for us to simply use Scripture and our own thoughts. My reason is to pass along some of the methods I use in my own study and sermon prep.

We decided to begin with the Gospel of Luke.  The following is based on the outline that Jackson identified:

  1. Others made accounts
  2. Luke found it helpful
  3. Luke began writing himself

The Reason I Share with my Friends (Luke 1:1-4)

Luke’s Gospel begins by declaring the reason for his writing to his friend Theophilus. This gives us a reason also for reading the Word, considering the truth, and finding ways to love our friends by sharing.
1. (v. 1-2) Others made accounts.

To share with others

Why did others tell the story?  Were these who compiled the facts the Apostles (Matthew, Mark, John?), or others? They may have wanted to remember, but these were not just personal journals.  They intended to tell others the story.

To express what had taken over their lives

This story was important to share because these events consumed their lives.

Verse 1 describes the account as things “most surely believed.”  The Greek is the word, plērophoreō, meaning to be completely covered as in fully dressed out.
These events engulfed the lives of those who were there.

It also has that effect on those who hear and believe, as well.

2.  Luke found it helpful

To fully examine the Truth

Luke was one of those who read/heard the compilations of the others and found it helpful to more fully examine the truth.

To know with more assurance

Careful study of these truths help everyone (even one who is already convinced) to know with more assurance.  All of us will do well to study again and again.

Luke used the Word, stories, and personal experience to investigate carefully.

3.  Luke began writing himself

To compile his own account

Through careful investigation, and consideration, Luke began to compile his own account.

He wrote an orderly account.  He wanted it formatted to best convey the truth.

To Share specifically with a friend

He wrote this to His friend.  Why?

He cared about what his friend would think of it.
He wanted his friend to discover the truth that Luke, himself was convinced.
He cared about his friend’s salvation.

To be obedient to the Holy Spirit

Though Luke doesn’t mention it here, we know from other Scripture that what Luke has written is the holy inspired and infallible Word of God, written by the Holy Spirit through Luke.

The Holy Spirit will prepare opportunities to share

There will come times when the Holy Spirit will be prompting and working through us to share the gospel with our friends as well.  God wants our friends saved more than we do.  Will we be obedient?

The Holy Spirit expects us to prepare, too

Being obedient to share the gospel doesn’t mean that you don’t prepare, however.  Luke carefully investigate, compiled resources, considered how to arrange his facts, and how he would present them to convey God’s truth the best way he knew.

The implications of the truth, meant that unless his friend heard the gospel and believed the gospel, his friend would not be saved.

The reason Luke shared the truth about Jesus is because he cared about his friend’s heart. The information called “the Good News,” is more than just facts to be compiled and distributed; it is about sharing the love of God to those we love.

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