Spinning the Moral Compass…Mother’s Day and Honor

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and it also begins a brand new series of messages I’m calling, “Spinning the Moral Compass.”    A moral compass is a metaphor for anything people use to determine the right direction from the wrong.

A magnetic compass always points to true north.  Knowing where north is sets a firm standard by which you choose the path you should take.  Some moms are like that.  They set a firm moral standard by which her children can tell whether or not they are on the right track.  Hearing your mother’s disappointed voice in your head while you cross her rules is a lot like having a moral compass that you’re trying to ignore.

God also gives us commandments that set the standard for morality.  The series will begin with the Fifth Commandment to honor your parents.  True north for God is to honor your mother and father, among other things.

This sermon series will definitely put a new spin on God’s call for us to evaluate how our behavior reflects his holiness.  Can’t wait to get started!  See you Sunday for a fresh perspective on Honor as a basic moral issue.

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