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Sunday was all about sharing your Christmas Experience.  We called it Sharing the Window Seat.

If you’ve ever traveled by plane or train, you know what it is like to hold the ever-sacred window seat…it’s the best place to receive the full effect.  But if you’ve already had the pleasure, and you’re traveling with a novice who’s never sat in that seat before, you would gladly give it up for them.

That is an image of our Christian Christmas experience.  If you have received faith in Jesus, if you know the joy that Jesus brings, then this Christmas you should offer someone else a seat that displays the landscape of eternal life.  You may say that others around you know about Jesus, and there are plenty of churches that can help.  But, you are the best guide to help your friend see more clearly.  In fact Jesus has you in their lives for this reason.

When you get together with your friends and families, remember that not everyone around you has a clear view of Jesus.  You may also wonder if they have eternal life.  Share your experience of knowing Jesus with them.  This could be their first real Christmas knowing Jesus.

We want to share a beautiful Christmas Eve service with Kershaw.  I hope you’ll come and bring someone close to you.  You can find out more about us or pass along this website to others that may be interested at

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