Real Questions for your Consideration

The book of Habakkuk is a great reason for us to encourage people to ask questions.  The prophet Habakkuk wrestled with some questions like, “Why does God sometimes seem unfair?”  When God responded to Habakkuk, the answers Habakkuk received were unexpected.  In the end, we learn that it’s okay to question God, but we may not always agree with the answers we receive.

During this series, I’m encouraging people to ask their questions.  We got a couple already, and I’m open to others taking a stab at some answers.  So, please comment below if you have some advice, however, remember that these are real questions from people who are not joking around.  The internet is notorious for heartless debate, so be sensitive in your comments, or they will be disallowed.

  • Could someone like Osama Bin Laden be forgiven and go to heaven after killing 3,000 people in the name of another God?
  • God has done so much in my life recently, but I still feel very lonely.  Why can’t I find my soul mate?
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