I love this concept of the question box.  I think it makes our place more comfortable.  I love questions.  I love getting them and I love asking them.  I love looking for answers and knuckling down under a particularly difficult head-scratcher.  I also like being able to say, “I don’t know.”  Because when you get right down to it, I don’t know.  And for that matter you really don’t know either.

We face a lot of difficulties in life and we are often presented with circumstances that we do not understand.  And so we ask questions.  We ask experts.  We ask peers.  We ask parents.  We ask friends.  We ask coworkers.  And sometimes we get around to asking God.  There are times when we get the answers we need.  But there are times when we don’t.  And sometimes we do get the answers, but we don’t like them so we go look for better answers.

But we do seek answers.  And we do ask questions.  And I think the really neat thing is that even though we keep asking questions and a lot of them go unanswered, we STILL keep asking questions.  We are determined.  And I think God wants us to be that way.  I know He wants us to be joyful so if there is some question that is preventing that He must want us to keep searching for the answer.  Just remember to ask Him first.  I believe that if we are patient and still that we will get an answer.

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