New Place, New Name

35 The city shall be 18,000 cubits round about; and the name of the city from that day shall be, ‘The Lord is there.’”  Ezekiel 48:35

The prophet Ezekiel envisioned a new name for a new city, “Jehovah Shammah.”  Translated, “The Lord is here,” this prophesied that even though the temple had been destroyed and the city of God’s people invaded, God would build a new city, with a new name.  Ezekiel’s prophecy points not only to a physical place, but more importantly to the spiritual reality.

A new way of understanding God’s will came with a new name.  In a way, naming something denotes knowing something fully, such as when Adam named the animals; or it can declare what we hope for through faith, such as when someone receives a new name (Simon to Peter; Jacob to Israel).

Begin this year by looking around at the places you live and work.
Would you like to see a change?  Give it a new name!

Here’s a resource for your prayer time during this series:  30-days-praying-the-names-of-god
This calendar was provided by the Navigators, available at their website: 30 Days of Praying the Names and Attributes of God


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