Motivation for Personal Devotion

I like to watch infomercials.  I love the way they persuade me to cut aluminum cans with my kitchen knives, cook whole frozen turkeys in just thirty minutes, and watch my waist slim down just by pressing the “on” switch to some new contraption.  I was thinking of infomercials when I started preparing this week’s message on personal devotion.

Asking people to engage in acts of personal devotion to God is sort of like what I see taking place in the infomercial.  The salesman didn’t put on his little bow tie just to explain that sharp knives cut better than dull ones; we already believe that.  I mean, who doesn’t value a good meal in a short amount of time?  And needless to say, they don’t have to convince us that exercising is better than not exercising.  My point is that I don’t have to sell others on the value of personal devotion.  We already believe that praying and Bible and worship are important.  What seems to be needed is the motivation to act on what we already value.

Now, I don’t mean to devalue Godly devotion by comparing it to sales and manipulation.  But I think there is a lesson to be found in the infomercial illustration–albeit maybe just a small one.  Here is what I get from this comparison…We sometimes need a boost of motivation to begin doing what we already value.  In other words, I’m not interested in giving the audience a lecture to explain why prayer, the Bible, and worship are good for us–that will be assumed.  What I am looking for is a holy inspired motivation where we “get off the couch” and begin to do it.

Let’s get past the salesman’s deal…after all he only had to get you to call up and order the exercise equipment.  Once he delivers the goods, it’s up to you whether it gets you buff or collects dust.  Now think about a hiring a personal trainer.  A personal trainers job would be to continually motivate you to do what you value.

So how much motivation do you need to act on your personal devotion throughout the week?  Do you need more consistency, do you need a schedule, do you need someone to personally train you?  My hope is that Sunday will be a motivation to our devotion, and perhaps–as they say in the infomercials…”you’re guaranteed results in ten days or less!”

If you haven’t chimed in on the personal devotion poll, please do so, and I’ll see you Sunday!

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