I’m in the In-crowd…don’t you wish you were too

With the popularity of Facebook, people are reconnecting with old friends from High School, colleges, old stomping grounds, and work places.  Just yesterday I went back to Bishopville, where I went to High School, and met an old friend who I worked with during my Waffle House days. We didn’t meet on Facebook, but of course now we’re friends on Facebook together.  For your viewing pleasure, here’s some old photos of the coolest people in the business back in 1993.

At first, my friend and I had a hard time remembering some of our old co-workers’ names.  But then all of a sudden, we got on a roll.  At first it was, “Who was that one girl…you know the loud one?”  or “Gosh, what was his name…the guy with that face…?”  And then it became, “Yeah how about Jackie…you remember Carrie…do you still hear from Tony…oh Jennifer has four kids now?”  As we reminisced, feelings also came back to me.  That sense of being together, working side-by-side, the fun, friendship and warm sense of self-worth came back.  Truly, it is very cool to feel like part of the “in” crowd, isn’t it?

You may or may not have ever been part of any in-crowd, but probably you wanted to be.  Whether you’re willing to admit it or not, everybody wants to be accepted whether it’s with friends, family, co-workers or the cheerleader squad (well maybe not the cheerleaders for me personally).

Sunday, I’ll tell you how getting in a Home Team is one way to be part of a terrific in-crowd in the message entitled “Activate IN”.  Home Teams are small groups that meet during the week in homes.  This isn’t the kind of overly critical clique that judges everyone else who couldn’t possibly make the cut.  This is the crowd that is based on the groups that formed the first church in the book of Acts.  Acts 2:42-48 describes a group that did things together like

  • learning about God,
  • having fun together,
  • sharing resources,
  • caring for one another’s struggles,
  • praying with and for each other,
  • worshiping together, and
  • serving one another and their community.

That’s a great in-crowd to be a part of.  As the three-week “Activate” series (UP, IN, & OUT) suggests, this is one way to activate faith in your life.

This Sunday, you’ll be able to sign-up to join in a Home Team that is beginning in September.  I hope to see you then.

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