He Comes In Unexpected Ways

The author of the Advent devotional ends his writing today, “he was about to come in a way no one expected.”  That he that was coming was referencing John the Baptist, who preceded Jesus’ miraculous birth by just around six months and similarly miraculous ways.  The strange birth of John to his elderly parents, Zacharias and Elizabeth made people ponder and attentive to signs that God was on the move.

Luke 1:65-66

65 Fear came on all those living around them; and all these matters were being talked about in all the hill country of Judea. 66 All who heard them kept them in mind, saying, “What then will this child turn out to be?” For the hand of the Lord was certainly with him.

Advent gives us a special reminder to keep looking for signs that God is here and that He is at work.  He wants to be found by those looking for Him.  The devotion today also mentioned Simeon and Anna who were both introduced to the Christ child while they were looking.

Find joy in pointing out to God when you spot His handiwork.  When you see something stick out of the ordinary today,  take time to tell God what you see, and thank Him for the way He warmly surprises us to get our attention.


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