Expectant Easter Sunday

Last Easter Sunday, we were ready for the doors to bust open at the Rec Center!  The Easter egg hunt the day before was awesome, and the number of people we saw reached mythical proportions.  This year we are getting ready again for an important Easter Sunday, our first anniversary!

It is sweet to think of how the year has gone by, but the anniversary is not what is on my mind.  My thoughts are on who God will bring through the doors this year, and how what I do can either help or hinder their experience with God.

I hope everyone who attends Team Church is expectant that God will bring new people in to hear from God and meet  people who will walk with them.  BUT, if we are expectant, then we need to question, “Is there something I need to do to help others hear from God and meet people who will walk with them?” And the answer is “YES.”

  1. Rise early…we don’t want families fighting before they get to church!  Time your morning well.  Just think…there will be many having service on Easter Sunday starting at 7am.
  2. Prepare for church…if prepping your heart doesn’t come early, it may not come at all.  The preacher can’t do this for you.
  3. Help setup…We start setting up at 8am, and “many hands make light work.”  Your help makes a HUGE difference.
  4. Meet someone new…you probably haven’t met everyone at church yet…get beyond superficial conversations and get to know each other.
  5. Worship…this is a priority.  Get in place before the service begins, clap, sing, let God touch you!  That’s why God shows up in the first place.

See you Easter Sunday!!!!!!!!!

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