Easy to Miss God’s Answer

Wait for the video to appear below and take the following test from Richard Wiseman before you read on. (His blog is filled with neat optical illusions, etc)


Easy to miss for you?  It was for me.  I laughed out loud in disbelief.

Sunday I was preaching about asking and receiving in prayer.  Sometimes you’re looking so hard for God to materialize the thing you’re asking for; you’re so caught up focusing on “what” you expect, that you totally miss “who” God has given you.

God often supplies our needs not by giving us “things” but by giving us people in our lives.  They become a continual resource versus a one-time supply.

The next time you begin to wonder when God is going to come through, I challenge you to take a step back and examine the whole picture.

When you don’t see what you prayed for appearing, look around at the people that God has placed in your life.  While you’re concentrating on looking for one particular thing, God’s answer for you may be walking right past you!

Comment below and let me know if got the test right.

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3 comments on “Easy to Miss God’s Answer
  1. Olivia Hann says:

    That’s funny! No, I didn’t see the gorilla and I didn’t see the right amount of passes either! Good reminder to check out the “whole picture.”

  2. Deeda Coffey says:

    Steve, I only got 12 passes – not the correct 15 and I was amazed that I didn’t see the gorilla either. This lesson is so on time for me today. Thanks for sharing a another great message.

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