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Communication: Men vs. Women

Olivia called my attention to this humerous video from Jason Headley about communication between men and women.  Focus on the Family’s Jim Daly includes some explores the points below on his blog post.  What is your reaction to the video? What

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End Slavery Now

Tomorrow is “Shine a Light on Slavery Day,” an effort to expose one of the most heinous crimes against humanity in the modern world.  Please join me in putting the “red X” on your hand.  This cannot continue while there

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A “Greater-than” God (“>” God) ‘Cause God’s Got It

In the sermon this week, a phrase came to me that I really like:  “God is a greater-than God.”  If I had projected on the screen, it would look like this  “>” God.  I’m sure that looks like two eyes

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“Being Yourself” …do you really have to?

Bahaaa! You’ve got to share with me what you think of this video. The point I believe Ed Young is “rapping” about is that God designed you to be who you are and if you aren’t…the Church is missing out. 

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