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“Wanted:” feeling accepted

One of my daughters learned how to write in a western-type handwriting recently.  She made a “Wanted” poster and taped it to our bathroom mirror.  It is cut-out in the middle and so when you look at it, your face

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Suffering, Death, Redemption

As Good Friday approaches we should be thinking more about the way Jesus suffered for us and eventually gave up His life for us. Jesus was tortured and humiliated.  He took the mocking, the crown of thorns, beatings, flogging, bearing

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We love each other…we’re just not “in love”

Life is made up choices, and the book of Proverbs highlights that there are wise choices and then…there are bad choices. One of the worst choices husbands and wives can make is adultery. I say it’s a choice because no one

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Husbands Afraid of Commitment

Sunday’s first point from “Practical Proverbs for Husbands” was that men must be COMMITTED–that there is never going to be even the slightest chance that you’ll ever run away or try to drive away your spouse. You can hear the

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