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Multi-Gen Church

Recently, I endured a training from my work place on dealing with the Multi-generational Workforce.  Today we have at least four generations working side-by-side (depending on how you define them):  Veterans (born before 1943), Baby Boomers (1943-1964), Gen-X’ers(1964-1980), and Millenials

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Spring-a-thon Fun Run

Spring-a-thon is coming up soon and that means that Team Church will be conducting a Fun Run. This is a 3k run that we have been asked to lead the last couple of years.  Dr. Howell, our local dentist has

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October Baby March 23rd

See October Baby in theaters March 23. This movie resonates with those who are involved with adoption, foster care, or grieve abortion. The producers of the movie have assigned 10% of the profits of the movie to the Every

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Tony Evans and Anthony Evans

I like watching the Voice.  I was really looking forward to the first of the “Battle Rounds” Monday. I didn’t realize that Anthony Evans was the son of Pastor Tony Evans until Monday.  It’s too bad that both Anthony and

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