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Questions, Confusion, Certainty, and Consequences (Luke 1:18-21)

Luke 1:18-21 is the source of our Bible study this morning.  Zacharias questioned Gabriel about what God had just told him. Here is the outline that Jackson Maya and I developed and a sermon below: Certainty is not the only

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The Big Deal about Little Things (Luke 1:5-9, 13-17)

In study this morning with Jack and Maya, we read Luke 1:5-17, focusing on Zacharias (some translations say Zechariah) and Elizabeth, the parents of John the Baptizer.  Through humble service and keeping the faith, this family is responsible for many being ready for Jesus.

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The Reason I Share with my Friends

Today, Jackson and Maya and I began doing morning Bible study. Rather than using a devotional or study book, I intend for us to simply use Scripture and our own thoughts. My reason is to pass along some of the

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What to do for Ash Wednesday

Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of the season of Lent–a time of spiritual preparation for the Easter season.  Easter is a celebration, but Lent is for repentance and serious spiritual self-examination.  Let this day lead you to cry

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