A Prayer is in “Order”

John 17 records one prayer of Jesus.  Right away I notice that the whole prayer has a definite flow.

It is organized…

  • First Jesus begins with prayer about Himself and His work.
  • Then He prays for His disciples and
  • Then for believers that will come later.

I don’t think that every prayer has to be so orderly, but then again, perhaps it might do us well to follow this example.

Once we had a prayer meeting in our home and Instead of a “free-for-all prayer time,” I asked for people to only pray certain types of prayers using the acronym ACTS.

A–Adoration: praise God, tell Him how you adore Him, His works, His love, etc.  Celebrate God and sing a praise song to Him.

C–Confess:  agree with God that you are unworthy because of what you’ve done; be specifc about your sins.

T–Thanksgiving:  Thank God for His mercy, His gifts, all that He has given.

S–Supplication:  Ask God for what you need; Tell Him how He can bless you.

While it can feel a little stiff to try and organize your prayer time, it can also be very rewarding to be deliberate in your time communicating with God.  He is BOTH…a God of order and very personal.

In your prayer time today, try ordering your prayer like Jesus did:

  1. First pray for yourself and the purposes God has called you to.
  2. Then pray for those who God has put into your life–those close to you; people in your life now.
  3. Finally, pray for those who may come to know God through you–there are people who you don’t even know yet who can be influenced by what God does in and through you.

What do you think of this last part?  Have you ever considered praying for people who may not even be born yet?  Do you really live your life now in such a way that it could influence your children’s grandchildren for God?

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