Say What? Communicating Love Series

This Sunday I’m excited to start a new sermon series on communicating love to those you love.  The information comes from Gary Chapman, who teaches that there are five languages of emotional love.   Maybe you’ve heard of his, “Five Love Languages.”

The reason it’s called a love language is because it describes how we give and receive love, much like we speak and listen to others.

I took French in High School, but I doubt that I could really communicate with a native Frenchman who, in-turn could not speak English.  We’d point, gesture, make faces, draw pictures, nod, and grunt a lot, but I’m sure there wouldn’t be a whole lot of clearly understood communication.

In the same way, if my spouse speaks a different primary love language than me, and I don’t speak her’s, then communicating emotional love is going to be very limited. (by the way, we do speak different languages…and it is limited when we aren’t trying very hard)

The vast majority of couples do not speak the same love language, so it’s extremely important that you learn to speak your mate’s language if you want to communicate love. Just like learning a foreign language, it can be very difficult, but it can be done if you try.

In preparation of this Sunday, place your vote on this poll to see what love language you think you speak, and come Sunday for the beginning of this very practical series!

You can choose one or two answers below.  Feel free to comment below too.  I’d love to hear if you’ve studied the Five Love Languages before.  See you Sunday!!!

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2 comments on “Say What? Communicating Love Series
  1. Tiffany Whaley says:

    I’m a BIG fan of the 5 Love Languages. It explained a whole lot and help end some recurring arguments once we understood each other.

  2. wendy duncan says:

    I loved Sunday. It really helps explain why big and little people act crazy sometimes. I love the idea of crash prevention instead of clean up. BTW do you have spy cameras in our house or do our kids just rat us out?

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